Much has shifted since this page was created and Yvonne Perry’s book about walk-ins was written and published in 2013. The interview Yvonne Perry, Vic Singer, and Tucah did with Debbie West and Michael Hathaway on Lost Knowledge Radio Show has an updated view of walk-ins, soul exchanges, integrating past and future lives into this current incarnation/timeline, and how/why star beings are coming into human form on Earth. Once you have read what you feel drawn to on this page, you may want to listen to that interview.

What is a Walk-In?

A walk-in is a spirit who takes up residence (with permission) in the body of a soul, the walk-out, who has become discouraged with living on Earth and wants to leave. Rather than having a healthy body die, another soul steps in and picks up where the first soul left off. The walk-in/walk-out event is also referred to as a soul exchange. This is always done with permission between the two souls and is a pre-incarnation agreement or a spiritual partnership between souls who are helping one another evolve. A soul exchange may occur during a near-death experience, during a time of deep emotional trauma, while unconscious or under anesthesia, or while asleep.

If you stop to think about it, it really isn’t all that strange that some souls return to the earth plane without being born as a baby and spending time learning lessons brought about through childhood. Soul exchanges are not uncommon, and are becoming more frequent as a shift in consciousness is occurring across the globe.

A walk-in named LavendarRose said, “After my walk-in, my personality changed and I felt really different. I often wondered if I had died and come back to life, but I had never heard of a soul exchange. I was bewildered to say the least. You can imagine my relief when an angel therapist friend of mine mentioned a walk-in was possibly what had happened to me. Things started making sense and I was able to relax even though the knowledge was still foreign. There wasn’t much information about the topic at the time. Now that I’ve successfully made the shift, I have a heart-felt desire to share my experience and offer insight and encouragement to those who are going through this type of spiritually-transforming shift.”

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Having an awareness of the existence of soul exchanges is valuable for a couple of reasons:

1.  It offers insight. Some walk-ins are unaware that they were not always in the bodies they now inhabit, because they inherit the cellular memory of the soul who walked out.

2. It may help friends and family members understand the sudden changes their loved one is exhibiting.

3. It may shed light on the sudden changes occurring in the personality, likes/dislikes, and behavior of someone you know who has unwittingly experienced a soul exchange.

When LavendarRose first walked in, she immediately divorced the first soul’s husband, left organized religion, took a new job, changed friendships, and married another man within the first six months. Her family made comments like, “You sure have changed,” or “You are so different, I don’t even know who you are anymore.” They should have felt the confusion she was experiencing inwardly! She was no longer depressed, but her nerves were shot! “I felt like I had been hard-wired to an electrical outlet,” she said. “This body was having a difficult time adjusting to the higher energy of the new soul.”

The higher-vibrating soul of the walk-in is required to complete the task of the body’s previous owner before launching its own mission. Naturally, LavendarRose had a lot of loose ends to tie up and some limiting mindsets to undo, but she knew she was here for a divine purpose. Like most walk-ins, she was chomping at the bits to get started. However, it is very important to care for the body while it is adjusting to the change of “drivers.”

Learn more about walk-ins and soul exchanges in Yvonne Perry’s book, Walk-ins Among Us.

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Types of Walk-Ins

As you most likely know, there are several types of walk-in experiences. Some are total exchanges between two unrelated (differing soul groups or origins) souls who have partnered for a particular (or multiple) incarnations; others are soul braids that involve a group of souls from the same monad. These souls are in partnership and may move in and out of the driver’s seat depending upon which one has the skills best suited to a task or situation. Even though there is compatibility between the two souls (or aspects of the soul group), there may still be an adjustment period in which the body must acclimate to the higher vibrations. The incoming soul is from a realm where there is no linear time.

The body has been referred to as a vehicle, temple, or dwelling place, which is a means for expressing the various individuations of Source energy. There may be times when a more evolved soul or higher aspect of your own soul acts as a marker soul or placeholder soul, maintaining the body while the natal soul (or previous walk-in soul) does galactic travel or accomplishes a mission in another realm. This is a temporary assignment. When the previous soul returns, a re-transfer of souls is made. You may not notice it as much this time because the body has become accustomed to the higher vibration of the marker soul even though the returning soul may have raised its frequency through what it has experienced in other realms.

There was an influx of soul exchanges in the 1980s and ’90s. Those who had their first walk-in during that time may have had a huge adjustment to make to being in a body. The natal soul may have left physical or emotional messes for the walk-in soul to sort through and repair. In addition to wading through all that, the body had to deal with the influx of higher vibrating energy that the walk-in soul emanates. But, alas! Many walk-ins are here and functioning well.

A lot of people who have done the work of spiritual purification are starting to blend the energy of their earth soul with the multidimensional energy of their higher selves, monads, and soul groups. Some of us may sense that more than one walk-in has occurred for our body. As we move forward in our ascension, things are speeding up, and multidimensional aspects of our souls are coming in to assist the planet with its evolution.

These galactic souls (starseeds) with a purer consciousness have the benefit of carrying out a certain aspect of a soul group’s mission more quickly and effectively because they bypass the infant and childhood stages of human body development. This acclimation and adjustment phase for the second or third (possibly more) experiences are usually much smoother processes-more of an integration or blending of energy-but they are still spiritually transforming.

The more we ascend, the more we have an insatiable desire to help the Earth ascend and to comfort, educate, and assist others who are struggling to manage the changes they are experiencing.

You may enjoy listening to the radio interviews Yvonne has done on the topic on walk-ins.

Hand-me-down Bodies—The Mystery of Soul Exchanges

You can trade in a used car for a new one, you can trade stocks, houses, and ideas but who ever heard of two souls swapping places with one another? Spiritually-advanced souls are walking into adult bodies and bringing a whole new meaning to charity. This idea of body donation isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Almost daily we hear from someone who has knowledge of this phenomenon or has experienced a soul exchange.

Known in Sanskrit as “body change” and in the Hindu as “bodhisattva” the American term for this swap in identity is “walk-in” or “soul exchange.” Spiritually-advanced souls are able to walk into adult bodies rather than incarnating into the body of a baby through the birth process. By not having to go through the programming of childhood, a soul can get right to the business of carrying out a divine mission to help others as the earth shifts into a higher dimension. When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul leaves, moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. This exchange comes only by permission and full agreement between the outgoing and incoming souls.

The exchange is typically made when the body is unconscious such as during sleep, surgery, a near-death experience, a suicide attempt, or emotional trauma. At first, a walk-in soul may be bewildered as it acclimates to being in a body in the earth plane. If a person is not aware of the concept of walk-ins, the experience can be very disorienting. Indications that a walk-in has occurred include the following as well as many other signs:

• A person who was depressed is suddenly cheerful and optimistic
• Someone who was in a coma unexpectedly regains consciousness or is miraculously healed
• Changes regarding career path, religious beliefs, home environment, style of clothing, etc. are made rather quickly
• Feeling as if family members and friends are strangers

In some cases, these shifts are gradual; but for others, the shifts may be immediate and dramatic.
In her book, The World to Come, Ruth Montgomery encourages people who are suicidal to check with their guides or ask the Divine to assist with a soul exchange rather than destroying a healthy body. This choice to allow a spiritually-advanced soul to trade places removes the repercussion of taking one’s own life. The family is rarely upset by a member having a soul-exchange. Most will never know the difference since the memory of the soul that occupied the body is still intact. Since the incoming soul is responsible for resolving the karma and any outstanding issues left by the departing soul, family members may even rejoice about the positive changes they see in their loved one.

More and more walk-ins are coming to Earth. Faith Ranoli, president of Walk-in Evolution, has established a Facebook page to support walk-ins by providing information and a discussion forum at Her goal is to help walk-in souls move forward and accomplish the divine mission for which it was sent to Earth.

You may enjoy this  discussion with Yvonne Perry, Vic Singer, Tucah, Debbie West and Michael Hathaway.

Read an anonymous story about a walk-in that occurred in 2002. From that story comes the following quote: “Sometimes I wonder if I had been with people who knew what was happening and how to help me if maybe the transfer would have been more complete and less traumatic. I find that I blame myself for being slightly misaligned with the stars or not being spiritually developed enough which created a less than perfect transfer. But I would not take back the experience for anything, of course. Because I’m here, now. And being a walk-in is a truly amazing experience.” Yvonne Perry  assists with soul transfers and helps walk-ins integrate the transfer after the fact. Learn more about this service here.

Walk-in Souls Bring Good Will to Earth in a Non-traditional Manner

Spiritually-advanced souls are walking into adult bodies in rapidly increasing numbers rather than incarnating into the body of a baby. The event is nothing like a possession, which is thought to take place against the will of another soul; this exchange comes only by permission and full agreement between the outgoing and incoming souls. When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul leaves, moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. The incoming soul assumes full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress.

Walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at an opportune moment to lend service to humanity. By not having to go through the programming of childhood, a soul can get right to the business of carrying out a divine mission to help others adjust as the earth ascends into the fifth dimension.

Does this sound like something in a space age or sci-fi movie? Those who believe in the new heaven and new earth recorded in the Bible should not have any difficulty believing that God would send helpers to the planet to help create this shift from third to fifth dimension. The apocalyptic literature of Revelation 21, which speaks of this New Jerusalem, was said to be written by a seer named John as he received the material in the form of visions while living on the Greek island of Patmos.

The first person in contemporary times to write about this phenomenon was Ruth Montgomery. In her 1979 best-selling book, Strangers Among Us, she indicated that walk-ins are beings who have attained sufficient awareness of life so they can forego the process of birth and childhood, incarnating directly into adult bodies.

On January 9, 2001, Liz Nelson, founder of WE International, made her transition to the higher realms. Ranoli, who consciously walked in to an adult body thirty years ago assumed the presidency of WE International after Liz passed from cancer. Sensing Liz’s spirit guiding her efforts, Ranoli has been led to carry the work forward that Liz pioneered in the early 1990s. Walk-ins want access to each other and they want help sorting things out so they can begin their Earthly mission without wasting valuable time. Therefore the first action Ranoli has taken in many years is to change the name of the Website to Walk-in Evolution, move the organization to Denver as a for-profit LLC and start a Facebook page where walk-ins can find fellowship and answers:!/WalkInEvolution. As of November 19, 2012, Ranoli passed the baton as president of WE to Yvonne Perry, the founder of We Are One in Spirit.

“The best advice anyone has ever said to someone just awakening is not to get caught up in the drama and glamour of it all,” say Ranoli, the president of WE International LLC. “All of us here on Earth are from someplace else and we are all multi dimensional beings. We are here to do something to help humanity. It doesn’t matter whether you were born into a body or walked into a body.”

Since the incoming soul inherits the residual memory stored in the cells of the physical body, many times a walk-in is not consciously aware that there has been a soul exchange. Life often continues on in a relatively seamless manner except that the new soul may begin to make changes regarding their career path, religious beliefs, home environment, style of clothing etc.; and they may feel differently about their family members and friends. In some cases, these shifts in feelings are gradual and relatively subtle. But for others, the shifts may be immediate and dramatic! If a person is not aware of the concept of walk-ins, the experience can be very disorienting. We see more and more walk-ins coming to Earth and that is why WE International LLC and has become active again.

You may enjoy listening to the radio interviews Yvonne has done on the topic on walk-ins.


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