Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness!

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If you have had a really strange spiritual experience and can’t even begin to explain what might have caused it or why it happened, you will find comfort and information to help make sense of it in Yvonne Perry’s new book, Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness.

Do you feel like a misfit on Earth? Are you here to help shift humanity and the planet into higher consciousness? You may be a walk-in. What is a walk-in?

Have you experienced an awakening that totally revolutionized your life and made you feel that you are a different person in the same body? You may have had a soul exchange.

Our future, past, and fragmented selves are coming together in wholeness to create a unified expression of the soul. Shadow and light are being integrated. We are becoming one as part of the ascension process we are all going through right now. Learn more about walk-ins in this interview with Maxine Taylor.

Walk-ins arrive at each evolutionary step in advance of the masses, adding clarity and stability while leaving a clearly marked pathway as they move forward in service to humanity. As they refine their own personal journey, they become the model for others to follow. These “way-showers” embark upon rugged terrain, determine what needs to be done to safely create necessary changes, and then assist others in integrating the vibrational shift.

We are these pathfinders! We are personally aware of the subtle nudges we are receiving, knowing we are well prepared for each moment as it unfolds. Much like dolphins that receive and send signals to one another, we transmit our unique signal that activates the information encoded in our cells. When we connect with another, we share our puzzle piece, expand our experience, and we are all changed.

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